St. Paul Parish

Be bearers of the good news of Christ. Respond generously to the Holy Spirit, according to your state in life, and be not afraid to be generous with the Lord. (Francis)
R E G I S T R A T I O N    N O W    O P E N    F O R    2014-2015


V Week of Lent

First Reconciliation service on Saturday, April 12, at 10AM and 1PM. Check your schedules.

Registrations for Religious Education are now open. Register early and get a discount.

Teachers needed for the fall. Materials and training are provided by the Office.

First Communion; Please, submit name banners by May 7.

Our mission is the mission of Jess Christ. In response to Jesus Christ's command, "Go and make disciples of all nations teaching them to observe all that I have commanded you," the Religious Education program at Saint Paul is committed to providing a rigorous religious and moral formation. The program enables young people to pursue their human potentials by helping them to recognize Jesus Christ as the example of perfect human life. Placing the Person, words, and deeds of Jesus Christ at the center of its mission, the Office of Religious Education provides its members with sound doctrinal instruction and opportunities of active sacramental life, perfection of human potentials, and nourishing prayer life as they draw closer to God.


Father Thomas F. Nestor


Sister Tania Santander Atauchi

Mrs. Jane O'Regan
RE Assistant
Faith Formation Coordinator

Mr. William Mezzetti
Youth Minister